By Matt Buchel

It’s easy to get caught up in daily life and let household items pile up in your space without taking the time to sort through them. However, disorganisation of your belongings can lead to an unsettled mind. Being disorganised takes up space in our head, so by refreshing your home, it will also help to refresh your mind.

Feng Shui is considered the art of placement—understanding how the placement of yourself and objects within a space affects your life. In relation to Feng Shui, the law of prosperity refers to abundance and means that you should be able to move into a prosperous state of being in all areas of your life. Therefore, it’s clear to see that Feng Shui and the law of prosperity are directly linked to how your belongings are set out and how much you have.

Feng Shui explores the notion that nature abhors a vacuum. When a vacuum is created, particles of matter be they physical or thoughts will join together to fill the gap, so it’s important you are very clear about the energy you are letting go of, that you will no longer allow it to impact/exist in your life and what it is you are inviting to fill the space you have created. This doesn’t necessarily need to be physical things, it can be opportunities, a new direction, travel, an adventure, experiences.

Clutter is any object or repository of objects that occupies space in your home/workplace, which you dislike or do not use, or which has been waiting more than twenty-eight days for sorting.

All objects are alive with memories, feelings and associations. Everything is connected to people, places and events and the messages we are receiving from the objects around us, even if we don’t ‘see’ them because they blend into the background, have a presence within us when we are around them.

Feng Shui clean up tips:

  • Identify your clutter by considering what the objects in your space are saying to you – clutter is stifling your energy.
  • Keep in mind that what doesn’t affirm you is holding you back from reaching your true potential and parting with it will help.
  • If you’re having trouble parting with something, remind yourself that when you let go of those objects which are less than excellent, energetically you create a space for something wonderful (object or opportunity) to flow into your life.
  • Put time aside to declutter – whether it’s your mind or your space – perhaps three sessions of 30 mins per week – and reward yourself with a treat afterwards.
  • Physically parting with some belongings that you don’t need can be difficult, so make three boxes, ‘keep’, ‘throw away’ and ‘unsure’. You can take some extra time at the end to go through the ‘unsure’ box to decide what you really need.

Surround yourself with items that reflect who you are now and who you are choosing to become, and you let go of those objects that don’t support the best version of yourself. The way you receive messages, experience events in your life and your ability to move through difficult circumstances in your life will begin to change and improve very quickly.