A Sneak Peek at Where Rich Business Owners Vacay

By Matt Buchel

If you happened to stumble across a genie, a magical bottle and three wishes, chances are that – for most – either money or travel would be high on the list of wishes. After all, wealth and visiting luxurious destinations are both things that many aspire for.

If you haven’t yet found your genie in a bottle, there’s one thing that can help you tick both boxes; a job. Working helps you earn money, which in turn gives you the opportunity to visit new places in your time off.

But, with work comes inflexibility – you only get a small amount of time off per year and quite often when you’re working for someone else, wages are less than impressive. So, what if we told you there’s a way to have the flexibility to earn good money and travel when you like? By owning your business, you’re the boss – though taking time off may be hard depending on the industry- you do have the opportunity and flexibility to choose when your holidays are and how to tackle your time off. Plus, if your business is successful you’ll likely be earning a healthy wage too.

So, now we’ve established that owning your business can be a great lifestyle choice, let us continue to inspire you with holiday destinations that the rich and famous prefer.

St Tropez

The land of Glamour, super yachts and luxury villas: it’s no surprise that the rich and successful flock to the aquamarine shores of St Tropez like bees to honey. A playground for celebrities like Bridgette Bardot, Gigi Hadid, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Leo Dicaprio, the French beach side town attracts some big names. Unlike most other seaside spots St Tropez is littered with designer shops, like Louis Vuitton and Hermes, and Michelin star restaurants which line the streets and allow for a serious credit card work out.


Unofficially known as The Billionaires Retreat, the skiing village of Aspen, Colorado’s prestige comes primarily from two things, it’s history and it’s geography. However, the village is now littered with luxury condos and romantically lit restaurants, the perfect holiday destination for the rich. In fact, a private plane lands or takes off in the Aspen Airport every six minutes. But, the beauty of Aspen comes at a price, “We say how lucky we are to be here.” Says Robert Wagner. “We had to put on a lot of makeup to pay for this!” referring to how many high paying movies he’s had to star in to be able to afford a condo in Aspen.

Bora Bora

With a one bedroom overwater pool bungalow starting at about $11,500 per night at the Four Seasons Bora Bora, it’s safe to say you have to be pretty wealthy to be able to afford to stay here. The pinnacle of poshness, and the epitome of elegance, unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s likely you’ve come across the stunning overwater bungalows on your Instagram feed. With the possibility to board a canoe to a private white sand island where you’ll be greeted with champagne and a personalised dinner set up for you and your guests to enjoy as the sun sets- Bora Bora is the definition of indulgence.


Dubai is known for its extravagance, from a 24 carat gold facial to hotel reception pillars made of Gold carat pillars, it’s jam packed full of unapologetic opulence. Possibly the cities most well known attraction is in fact a hotel, Burj Al Arab. The hotel costs $24,000 and night and features a rotating bed, thirteen pillow choices and a private butler. But, the luxury doesn’t stop there, the hotel’s newest luxury amenity is 24 carat gold iPads. When guests check in, they’re given custom created gold iPads which serve as a “virtual concierge” that offers information on everything from the hotel’s restaurant menus and spa treatments to housekeeping and butler services. It’s fair to say that Dubai and Burj Al Arab are fit for a king, or at very least, a successful business owner.