6 Do’s and Dont’s of Adopting a Millionaire Mindset

It’s no secret that becoming a millionaire takes hard work, ambition, skill and perseverance. However, studies have shown that most millionaires – and billionaires – have another quality that affects their wealth to; a certain mindset. Successful, wealthy people have been found to have strong, positive beliefs about themselves and their mindset towards the attainment of their financial goals. It’s the way that they approach situations and the attitude they have towards these situations that makes them successful. Here, we explore some behaviourism’s that financially successful people often adopt.


Rather than checking things off their to-do list or watching the clock and counting down the minutes until lunch or home time, rich people work towards bigger goals. It doesn’t matter to them whether it’s 10am in the morning or 9pm at night, they’re working to accomplish bigger goals rather than time watching- they’re at work to make a difference. But, not only do they set goals at work, but also for their personal life and when they’re close to completing one goal, they’re already considering the next.



Millionaires take responsibility for their own actions. Rather than shifting the blame to someone else when something goes wrong, successful people own up to their mistakes, learn from them and study them to figure out how they can improve next time. Not only does playing the victim mean that you’ll never learn and improve yourself from your mistakes, but it will also bring a lot of negativity in your life, something that successful people don’t waste time on.



Millionaires use their money to make more money. While whittling away a few dollars here and there is going to make your savings account grow and keep you financially ‘safe’, it’s not going to make you rich by any means. Financially successful people make sure that they are making enough money so that they can invest money while still having savings to back them up.



Rich people don’t limit themselves to a measly, hourly pay. They know that the amount of time and effort they put into working towards goals is a lot more valuable than the time of someone who’s just clock watching. For this reason their worth is measured by success, not time. When a financially successful person launches a new product and it’s a huge hit or closes a massive deal, they will get a huge monetary returning, whereas if the deal doesn’t close or the product fails, they won’t receive anything, and they will take responsibility for that.



In order to be successful, one must understand that your own success is in no-one else’s hands except for yours. Poor people believe that life happens to you, while rich people take the responsibility of their own future seriously, and shape it to take a successful path that they picture. The reality is that everyone will have their fair share of bad breaks, but if you are proactive in controlling your own life instead of reactively responding, the bad breaks don’t break you.



Millionaires are obviously successful people, but most don’t actually adopt the mindset that they know everything. In order to continue growing their wealth, millionaires must constantly be learning and improving their businesses, so it’s important that they are open to improving themselves. Asking questions and listening to what others say are imperative skills in self growth, and in turn in financial growth too.